Monday, 24 October 2011


Well, recently I've been so in love with Quotes i found from fb and twitter...and here they are...some Love Quotes that most girls feel in reality. Love, makes us crazy, 10 times happier, 100 times worse for the heartbreaks, but still, everybody looks for it. Enjoy Reading :)

~ “The greatest irony of love: Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after they walk out of your life forever. And sometimes you’ll think you’re already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you’ll suddenly realize that you’re just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing they will never be yours again.”

~ "Please, don't tell me you like me when you're gonna flirt with other people. Don't tell me you miss me when you're go off missing other people, too. Don't give me pet names when you're giving other people pet names, too. Don't treat me like I'm special when you're making other people feel special, too. Don't tell me you care & later on make it seem like you don't give a fuck. Don't tell me you love me when you're not really in love. Just don't."
~ "Dear brain, sorry for overloading you with thoughts of him. Dear tummy, sorry for all the butterflies. Dear pillow, sorry for all the tears. Dear heart, sorry for all the damage. Dear me, sorry for being head-over-heels in love with him ♥"
~ "Everytime I look at you, I see you glance at me. Just admit you still love me, and I'll admit I never got over you "

~ "I'm sorry I mistook all our laughs, long nights, sweet texts & inside jokes as you caring. I'll think twice before wasting my time again."

~ "You die a little inside every time you see him and his new girl, even though you've convinced yourself your're happy for him. "

~ "One of the happiest things on Earth is when you know that you're in love with someone who is more in love with you. "

~ " Yeah, I miss you. I miss us. I miss having you to talk to whenever I wanted. But I know I have to move on, because this is pointless."

~ "God, Please make my dreams come true because I wanna spend the rest of my life with him."

~ " Thinking of you means "I miss you"

Holding your hand means "I like you"
Squeezing it means "I want to kiss you"
Putting my head on your shoulder means "Comfort me"
My hands on your waist means "Never let me go"
Biting my lip means "I'm jealous"
Staring into your eyes means "Do you love me?"
Winking means "I adore you"
Dreaming of you often means "You're someone special"
Being with you often means "I can't live without you"
And wearing your ring means "You're mine" ♥"